Why are Anti-White Identitarians Prevalent in Mainstream News?

Why are Anti-White Identitarians Prevalent in Mainstream News?

Anti-White identitarianism is still identitarianism. News outlets, mostly digital, are entrenched in this ideology and I have to wonder why. In any form identitarianism encourages more of the same behavior from other groups. If anti white sentiment becomes pervasive among digital media and then the NYTimes hires and even defends an identitarian the problems we face in this country are only going to grow.

The truth is that white identity groups in the US are a relatively tiny minority of people with very little power. While you could argue that there are people in government who are sympathetic the truth is they still have little cultural power for a variety of reasons.

But far left identitarianism is pervasive and even mainstream. The constant insults and race based remarks from will only encourage more white identity politics.

Why is any of this acceptable? Why is mainstream media tolerating, even encouraging identitarianism?

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