Far Left Cancel Culture Has Created An Army Of Secret Trump Supporters

Far Left Cancel Culture Has Created An Army Of Secret Trump Supporters

Far Left Cancel Culture Has Created An Army Of Secret Trump Supporters. A new poll published by College Fix shows that 73% of college republicans hide their political views out of fear of being failed or ostracized.

This phenomenon of secret conservatives and secret Trump supporters is not new, in fact this was discussed even before Trump won the 2016 election. But with the constant far left media outrage its no surprise that the base of secret Trump supporters seems to be growing.

Dave Chappelle’s comedy special was a glimpse into the American psyche. We can see after 16 thousands reviews his special Sticks and Stones has 99%. Around the same time Adult Swim published a comic heavily criticizing woke media and twitter journalists for not doing any basic fact checking. Needless to say the woke far left was outrage by this and started accusing the network of the same old tired routine.

But because the media is being dominated by this far left social justice outrage 2020 Democrats chase after it believing it is what people want. The good news for Trump and the republican party is that they don’t

In the end I think many life long Democrats will either not vote or will switch and vote trump out of annoyance and anger with the far left politically correct absurdity dominating mainstream culture.


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